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In Stock UK is the number 1 online stock checker, helping you find and purchase those high demand products which seem to sell out so quickly. Our real-time stock checker updates every 60 seconds to ensure you have the latest available stock to choose from. We check all the leading UK retailers and compare prices so you get the best deal around. Sign up today to recieve stock checker email alerts on all your favourite products and we will notify you as soon as new stock is available. To help you keep track of the varying stock levels we have introduced a colourful bar for each product to indicate the currently stock levels.

FurReal Go Go Walking Pup

The New FurReal Go Go walking Pup is super cute, and is sure to be popular with girls of all ages from 4 years and upwards. Now you can own your very own pup! Take Go Go for walks by using her purple collar and lead, you can direct Go Go to where you want her to be easily, making her the perfect fluffy companion. The Go Go Walking Pup also has touch sensors placed around her body so that she will repsond when stroked or hugged, making her very realisitc. Go Go has 18 fun sounds to show how she is feeling and a life like bark, so that playing with Go Go is just like playing with your very own puppy.

Lego City Police Truck

Bring law and order back to the busy metropolis, with the Lego City Police Truck. Have hours of fun keeping the peace with this state-of-the-art surveillance truck which is fully equipped with sides that open to reveal a hidden control room. The set also includes a command centre with sliding doors and tool lockers, a quad bike, 4 mini figures and various accessories. Suitable for ages 6+ this Lego truck look great when build and will provide hours of fun. Use our stock checker to find the Lego City Police Truck in stock.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Get the new Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and enjoy hours of magical fun recreating scenes from your favourite Harry Potter film. Hogwarts Castle consists of 4 buildings, Dumbledore's office with a sliding staircase, the common rooms of Slytherin and Gryffindor, the Great Hall, and restricted library. Each building can be reordered and attached by technic pins allowing you to create your own castle layout. The set also includes a number of mini figures including Harry, Dumbledore, Flitwick, McGonagall and Dementors. Use the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle stock checker and have hours of fun building your own castle.

Toffee the Pony

Toffee the Pony is a loveable interactive toy that can sway his head, nay, blink and wiggle his ears. When Toffee is hungry feed him carrots and he will really chew them. He loves to be brushed and hugged, and he will fall asleep in your arms when he gets tired. If Toffee ever gets scared by anything his ears will start trembling until you show him some affection. Just like a real pony you never know what Toffee is going to do next. With realistic movement and emotions, look after Toffee well and he will respond just like a real pet. Toffee is suitable for children 3 years plus and requires 4 AA batteries. Use our Toffee The Pony stock checker to find out all of the UK stockists

Talking Jessie

The new Toy Story 3 Talking Jessie doll is sure to be a big hit this year with girls and boys from the ages 3+. Pull the draw string on Jessie's back to hear many phrases and sounds from the popular Toy Story 3 movie. The 12 inch talking doll has a soft body, arms and legs, a soft plastic hat, boots and belt. Enjoy recreating famous scenes from your favourite movies by including the new Talking Jessie cowgirl in your Toy Story collection. Use our up-to-date Talking Jessie stock checker to find where you can buy this much sought after doll today.

Talking Woody

The new Talking Sheirff Woody is a must have for all big Toy Story 3 fans. Talking Woody is a 12 inch posable soft fabric doll with a hard plastic hands and head. It has a draw string on his back which can be pulled to hear a selection of his well known phrases and sounds taken from the hit movie. A great collectable toy, it can be played with as a standalone figure or alongside the other popular characters from the film. Woody is suitable for all children from 3 year, he comes with a removale hat and requires 2 AAA batteries which are included. Add Woody to your Toy Story collection with our Talking Woody stock checker and get this popular toy in stock today.


Chatimals are a collection of cute little furry animals that when spoken to will repeat what you say in a comedy voice. Cute, furry and funny the Chatimals are the perfect gift for animal lovers this Christmas. Suitable for anyone aged 4+ they offer hours of entertainment, pressing their paws they will repeat back to you in a funny high or low voice. Choose from either the cute hamster or adorable meerkat these little animals are sure to be a bit hit this Christmas and would make a great stocking filler. Find where you can buy these great gifts by using our Chatimals stock checker.

Monster High Dolls

The Monster High fashion dolls from Mattel were released in July 2010. The grusome fashion dolls are inspired by characters from various horror films and books. They are often described as being related to famous horror characters such as Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein. Unlike your average fashion doll, the Monster High figures do not conform to mainstream ideas regarding fashion and make up. The dolls are 10.5 inches tall with large heads and eyes, small noses and plump lips. All the dolls are posable and feature a range of colourful skin tones, hair and clothing. Some dolls have attribute from the horror characters that they are related to, such as fins, wolf ears, bandages and vampire fangs. With the TV series soon to hit the UK these are sure to be extremely popular for girls 6+. Use the Monster High Dolls stock checker to get your favourite character in stock.

Toy Story Remote Control Car

The Toy Story Remote Control car from Andy's toy collection is a must have for any fan of the hit movie. RC is a replica of the original remote control car from Toy Story. By using the wireless remote control you can make RC perform a wide range of actions which include forwards, backwards and 360 degree spin, it has obstacle avoidance sensor that prevents RC car from colliding with any objects in his path. The Toy Story RC car can also bounce up and down like he does in the films. Suitable for children aged 3+ this is a great toy for any Toy Story fan and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get this fantastic gift in stock by using the Toy Story Remote Control car stock checker.


Don't miss out on the Xbox Kinect this Christmas. With the huge amount of interest already shown in Kinect so far this year, it is sure to be in high demand, Be one of the first to experience the latest in motion gaming with the XBox Kinect. This exciting new gaming device will change the way you play computer games forever. With its built-in motion detection and voice recognition software the Kinect to going to be a huge hit this Christmas for all the family. Use our Kinect stock checker to get this gaming must have in time for Christmas.

Playstation Move

Get the latest in motion gaming with the new Playstaion Move controller. The starter pack contains the new motion controller, the Playstation Eye camera and a demo disc to give you a taste of the gaming experiences you will be able to enjoy with the Playstation Move. With its advanced motion sensors you can now enjoy this great gaming experence that has made the Nintendo Wii such a bit hit over the past 2 years. Sony have brought state of the art technology to the PS3 which can now track your exact movements as it detects the absolute position of the controller in 3D space, bringing the future of motion gaming to you living room. Use our Playstation Move stock checker and price comparison service to find the best deal around.


Buy the new iPad from Apple and enjoy one of the most exciting gadgets on the market. A device that combines the very latest in technology with exciting graphics and sophisticated design. The iPad is the next big thing on the high street. Apple's latest offering is perfect for those who travel around a lot, with a brilliant calendar, e-mail, maps ,keyboard and e-book facility it is a worthwhile addition to the usual laptop that most of us already have. With the ever expanding apps available to download the iPad is one of the most popular gadgets around. Find the iPad in stock today with our latest stock checker.

Ben and Hollys Magical Castle Playset

Buy the new award-winning Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Castle magical play set today and make the little girl in your life very happy. This sturdy playset contains castle courtyard, articulated figures of Princess Holly, King and Queen Thistle, Nanny Plum, Ben Elf and Gaston the ladybird. Princess Holly has a magical wand that can do five spells and the castle has various accessories and functions such as the bath that can be filled with bubbles and a fridge door that can be opened. Find Ben and Hollys Magical Castle Playset in stock today with our latest stock checker.

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Get the fantastic new Leapster Explorer today and you won't be disappointed. Aimed at children between the ages of 4 - 9 this sleek educational-based games console is going to be a massive hit this Christmas. The Explorer is jam packed with many features including a fantastic touch screen being one of them. There are plenty of activities and games on offer. You can choose to either purchase these as cartridges or you can download them using a Leaplet card. This education/games console is easy to use and very versatile and it is perfect long car journeys or other occasions you may be away from home. The Leapster Explorer can be used by multiple children, all you need to do is to create their own user profiles and the console will provide age-appropriate games. The Leapster Explorer comes ready to play with some games already installed. Use our stock checker to find the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer in stock today.

VTech Kidizoom Video Camera

The new Kiddizoom video camera is the newest offering from toy specialists VTech. If you are buying for a child that has everything why not get this durable and sturdy video camera that will let your kids be creative and amuse them for years to come. This easy to use Kiddizoom camcorder is available in pink or blue with many features from a fantastic face tracking function that lets kids add moving animation with their movies, to built-in games and other fun features that make this children's video camera a great all-round toy for Christmas. Use our VTech Kiddizoom Video Camera stock checker and make someones Christmas one to remember.

Lots O Huggin Bear

Buy the new Lots O Huggin' Bear from the Toy Story 3 movie today whilst stocks last. The cute teddy has become one of the most popular toys in the UK, and is sure to feature on many Christmas lists too. Don't miss out on the fun, make sure that you get Lotso Huggin Bear in stock today. with plenty of fun sayings for you to hear, a yummy strawberry scent and velcro paws for lots of hugging. At 30cm tall Lots O Huggin' Bear is a perfect companion for children of all ages from approximately 4 years upwards. A super cute toy, get the new Lots O Huggin' Bear in stock and make someones day.

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle

Get the Playmobil Dragon Castle today by using In Stock UK. The latest playset from toy specialists Playmobil, the Great Dragon Castle is going to be a very popular toy this Christmas. Jam packed with 4 knights, a dragon and lots of accessories, it will make a perfect gift. Playmobil is tough and durable and will give lots of imaginative play to young children. A perfect addition to an already established Playmobil collection, or a great starting point for any child thats new to Playmobil, the Dragon Castle is one toy that will be played with again and again.

Stinky The Garbage Truck

Get Stinky the Garbage Truck just in time for Christmas. This fabulous robot garbage truck from Matchbox is going to be one of the most popular toys of Christmas 2010. Make sure you beat the crowds this Christmas and order Stinky online from the comfort of your own home. Stinky the Garbage Truck will delight children of all ages with his funky dancing, funny jokes and songs. Being a garbage truck means Stinky eats cars and drives around whilst saying his funny catchphrases such as Stinky is the name, gobbling garbage is my game. Well made and sturdy you can be sure that Stinky will give hours of entertainment and will delight children time after time. Put Stinky alongside his old friend Rocky the Robot Truck and get double the fun. Use our shock checker today to find out which online retailers have Stinky the Garbage Truck in stock today.

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel

Buy the new Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel today and delight the little girl in your life with this year's must have toy. Large and impressively crafted the deluxe hotel comes with a collection of play figures and lots of accessories all that is needed to bring the magical hotel to life. The three-storey building has nine rooms one even has a working light. Why not add to your Sylvanian Families collection and make Christmas extra special with the Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel stock checker.

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

Any fan of the new Toy Story 3 movie will be delighted to receive the new 12 inch Deluxe Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear. Perfect for all ages, both boys and girls, why not find the Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear in stock today and make someones Christmas great this year. The figure is made from tough plastic so no need to worry about breaking. Colourful and jam-packed with special sound effects and phrases from the movie it's not hard to see why the new Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack is being quoted as one of the top-selling toys 2010.

Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera

Toy Story 3 fans will love the new Buzz Lightyear digital camera from VTech. If you are struggling on what to buy a child this Christmas, then why not invest in a camera which will allow them to be creative in photography. This digital camera has lots of child friendly features that can allow your child to be in a photo with their favourite Toy Story characters. It has a 256MB memory flash, a display screen, 2x digital zoom and a cable to link to a TV or PC. This camera would be a great gift for any young Toy Story fan that they can use again and again. Allow your little Buzz Lighyear to be creative this Christmas with this fabulous digital camera. Get the new Buzz Lightyear digital camera in stock today.

Paper Jamz Guitar

Get the new Paper Jamz guitar today and amaze everyone with you musical talent. Very affordable, light weight and portable, all you need is batteries and an instant rock star is born. There are 3 modes of play from freestyle or rhythm mode to perfect play, This guitar will appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. Get the exciting new Paper Jamz Guitar in stock today.

Lego City Passenger Train

The new Lego City Passenger Train is sure to be in great demand this Christmas. With a realistic design and infrared remote control it will make a perfect gift for any Lego City or train fan. Don't miss out this Christmas with the Lego City Passenger Train stock checker.